Business Goals & Timeline

We’ve taken our time to get crypto right. A stable infrastructure and solid financial backing. But more importantly, a marketplace of legitimate businesses who accept Ubecoin. So you can actually spend it. No longer is crypto just for speculators.

Established 2014

  • Established company in 2014

Business Plan 2015

  • Business plan
  • Seed funding obtained
  • Developed wallet
  • Developed decentralized Crypto Currency payment platform (Ubecoin)

Launched 2016

  • Launched a trading platform (FTB) as Proof of Concept
  • 100+ merchants subscribed $300 +GST in a capped trial
  • Buy & Sell inventory using Ubecoin
  • Rented offices using Ubecoin 12mths
  • Purchased company products using Ubecoin
  • Proof of concept completed successfully

Seed Funding 2017

  • Seed funding obtained to further develop company asset and business model
  • Confirm coin build economy (size of build)
  • Go to market strategy planning
  • Engaged go to market launch partners

Consolidated 2018

  • Consolidate Ubecoin Group Pty Ltd
  • Launch Free Trade Barter (FTB) Platform
  • Launch ICO
  • Integrate with all JV partners, Gaming & Entertainment
  • Launch Free Trade Barter into international markets

Launch 2019

  • Launch Fintech suite of products across all platforms
  • Develop markets and products fit for Ubecoin expansion
  • Continue merchant expansion and growth

A superior tool for growing your global business

A smarter way to trade

A superior tool for growing your global business

A smarter way to trade

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Welcome to Ubecoin

A Crypto Currency designed for business and entertainment

Ubecoin will be used as a medium of exchange from Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Business (C2B).