Michael Wilmot,
Asset Security

With a combined 24 years Security Management Experience coupled with 10 years Training and Compliance.


Michael is an ethical and professional security operative with over 2 decades of experience in the security and events industry. With an acute attention to detail and stringent professional ethics, Michael has a reputation within the security, events and education fields that surpasses most.

Michael is a management professional effective at building highly motivated teams, as well as leading cross-functional teams in a fast-paced environment. He is a dedicated professional who drives quality service and has a proven track record in leading training and development of key personnel within large corporate organisations. Michael has extensive experience in coaching and developing employees to meet key performance indicators.

Michael is proficient in identifying real world physical asset security issues whilst instituting change management reforms to optimise client outcomes. He is adept in his ability to plan extensively and adapt swiftly to suit the needs and safety of the client. This is evident in his professional relationships with international artists and celebrities as well as with the relationships he has fostered with various tiers of government and private organisations. His advanced planning and operational preparedness for strategic environments ensures the safest and seamless outcomes are maintained on behalf of his clients.

Michael is one of the few security professionals to hold a qualification in crowd science and risk analysis and implements his knowledge to enable the effective preparation and strategic management to achieve successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

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A superior tool for growing your global business

A smarter way to trade

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