Pure Report

Ubecoin is now available through IEO!

If you are interested in participating in our Initial Exchange Offerings, you can receive instructions and information about bonuses by using this form below:

The Ubecoin IEO will run from 9th April Until 4th June.

For Users who participate in the IEO and purchase tokens the following bonuses will be added:

For investments of less than US$50 – a 5% bonus

For investments between US$50 to US$149 – a 10% bonus

For investments between US$150 to US$299 – a 15% bonus

For investments between US$300 to US$1000 – a 20% bonus

For investments exceeding US$1000 a 30% bonus

Welcome to Ubecoin

A Crypto Currency designed for business and entertainment


A barter e-commerce and entertainment platform

Ubecoin will be used as a medium of exchange from Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Business (C2B).